UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 social gathering restrictions imposed by the state of Pennsylvania, the Board of Directors of the Big Butler Fair announce with heavy hearts the cancellation of the 165th Big Butler Fair.  Not since the Civil War has the Fair been cancelled.  We hold in highest regard our exhibitors, volunteers, fairground staff, attendees, and the community at large and wish for all good health and well being.

As we cancel the 2020 Big Butler Fair, we also begin planning the 2021 Big Butler Fair scheduled for July 2-July 10.  We truly look forward to seeing our “Fair Family” again next year and appreciate your understanding during this time.

The Big Butler Fair

Always Over the Fourth

July 2 - July 10, 2021

Kids 6 and Under Free

4500lb Modified 4x4 Trucks

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 6:00pm
Big Butler Fair | Act | Modified Diesel 4x4 Truck Pull

Our Modified Diesel 4x4 Truck Pull is one of the most outrageous pulling events around. Why? Because the “gloves come off” and competitors can customize their off-road rides, making this event truly unpredictable! Join us as these 7600lb behemoths enter the track in a test of strength and creativity.

Almost anything goes in this event, as competing trucks may be extensively customized. Vehicles are allowed an unlimited number of turbo chargers and can use any compression ignition engine, permitting drivers to make their trucks as tough as possible. Competitors also have the flexibility of using an open driveline and open tires and can have just about any full-size truck body they want. With that kind of freedom, we’re eager to see the competition in action!

Event rules: Four wheel drive diesel fuel trucks only. Trucks must be equipped with fuel shutoff. Drivers must wear helmets and seatbelt. One seat minimum must be equipped in all trucks for the driver. Tire size for all trucks is limited to 36 inches. Both automatic and manual transmissions are allowed in competition. While the number of turbo chargers is unlimited, they must be no higher than triple-stage.

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