The Big Butler Fair

Always Over the Fourth

July 3 - July 11, 2020

Kids 6 and Under Free

Dave Martin Bull Ride Mania

Saturday, June 29, 2019 - 7:30pm

Proud sponsor of the Dave Martin Bull Ride Mania:

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Have you ever wondered what makes someone want to run with the bulls in Spain? There, it may be tradition. But why on Earth would someone ride a bull in the states?! It could be madness, but spectators and thrill seekers alike have discovered a new adrenaline rush, with the Dave Martin Bull Ride Mania.

This year, Dave Martin and his crew will put on an all-out spectacular of death-defying bull riding at the Big Butler Fair.

Martin created his Mania showcase after years of passionately riding horses & bulls and competing in rodeos throughout his youth. Dave Martin’s Bull Ride Mania features a variety of events. Barrel races? Check. Stunt horse riding? Check. Young riders grasping bucking lambs? Stick horse races? Double check.  Bull riding? Of course! You’ll see all this and more during the show, an event you must see to believe!

Go to Dave Martin’s Bull Ride Mania at the Big Butler Fair and witness unparalleled skill and bravery! For more information, visit

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