The Big Butler Fair

Always Over the Fourth

June 28 - July 6, 2019

Kids 6 and Under Free

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does The Fair Open?

Please visit our Schedule of Events for daily Fair times.

Where Can I Purchase Tickets?

You can purchase tickets online here or at the Fair gate.

Am I Allowed To Bring My Pet?

Pets are unfortunately not allowed at the Big Butler Fair.

Do you have a lost and found, and if so, where is it located?

Yes, we have a lost and found located at the fair office. The fair office phone number is 724-865-2400.

How much are tickets to the concerts?

General admission tickets include access to any concert scheduled for that day. Please see our ticket page for more information.

How much are tickets to the fair?

Please visit our tickets page. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.

What events are going on today?

You can find a daily fair schedule online.

What time does the fair end?

Depending on crowds, concerts, day, grandstand events and weather, the fair can stay open longer or close earlier. As a general rule of thumb, the fair closes around 11:00pm.

Are kids free?

Gate admission for children 6 and under is free!

Can children 6 and under ride for free as well?

Children 6 and under get free admission, however, rides are additional. Please see ticket information.

Can I pay with credit/debit card at the gate?

The gate only accepts cash. There are ATM machines on site for your convenience.

How much is parking?

Parking is free!

How do I go about entering my animals or livestock into the fair this year?

All livestock exhibitors must make advance entries. Please visit the the entries page for more information and entry forms.

My company is interested in becoming a sponsor for this year’s fair. Where can I find more information?

Varying levels of sponsorships are available ranging from booth space to corporate level sponsorships. Please visit the Sponsorship Opportunities page.

How do I become a vendor?

The Big Butler Fair is continuously looking for new vendors and goods to showcase at the largest agricultural fair in Western Pennsylvania. Please contact our Concessions & Vendor Manager, Larry Hays (Ph#: 724-355-2307), with any questions regarding concession rentals, vendor fees, vendor rules and rental agreements. Or visit the Vendor Information page.

How do I find out more about the Big Butler Fair Queen Pageant?

The Butler Fair Queen contest is for females between the ages of 16 and 20 years who are residents of Butler County. Each year the Fair Queen winner serves as a community ambassador for the Big Butler Fair for the coming year. For more information please visit the Fair Queen Pageant page.

Is there a Military Discount at the Fair?

Active military will receive free admission to the Big Butler Fair with a valid military ID.

What time do the food stands/food vendors open?

The food stands open at 11:00am.

Can you bring bottled water into Fair?

Yes, you are allowed to bring sealed, clear water bottles in through the gate.

What is the seating like for concerts?

The concerts are set up in the center of the track. There is room to stand and you are welcome to bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on. We also have smaller stadium seating near the stage and in the Grandstands.

What carnival rides are at the Big Butler Fair this year?

Powers Great American Midway runs the rides at the Fair. Rides change each year to provide a fun and engaging experience for carnival riders. Unfortunately, we don’t have the full list of rides at the Fair available to provide.  Learn more:

What are the height requirements for the carnival rides?

Powers Great American Midway runs the rides at the Fair. Please, note that rides change each year to provide a fun and engaging experience for carnival riders, and some of the rides on the Powers Great American Midway website may not be present at the Big Butler Fair.  Please see the link for ride heights:

Can you leave and re-enter the fairgrounds on the same day?

Yes, you are able to leave the Big Butler Fair and return on the same day, but you must get your hand stamped at the admission gate when you exit. When you want to come back to the Fair on that same day, you will need to show your hand stamp at the admission gates. 

Does the Big Butler Fair cancel Grandstand events due to rain or bad weather?

If it's raining at the time of a Grandstand event, the event is delayed until the rain ends, like a rain delay in baseball. Please know that Grandstand Event cancellations are usually a "game-time" decision. We try and do everything we can to get the event in for the evening. 

Does the Big Butler Fair give out rainchecks or refunds for inclement weather or event cancellations?

The Big Butler Fair does everything possible to try and stay open, but in the event of bad weather the carnival rides may close and shows/events may be cancelled. In the unlikely event of a “rain-out,” no refunds for gate admission will be given.

Are you interested in volunteering?

We’re always looking for volunteers, please contact us here to get in touch with us:

Are you a band or entertainer interested in performing at the Big Butler Fair?

All of our entertainment acts are decided by our fair board in advance, but we are always looking for great talent!

Please send your printed material to the below address:

Big Butler Fair
1127 New Castle Road
Prospect, PA 16052

Is there a discount for seniors?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a specific senior discount. However discounted tickets for admission are available depending on the time of day.

See full ticket prices here:

Am I allowed to bring a chair for the concerts?

Concerts are set up in the grass, and you are welcome to bring your own chairs or blankets to sit on. Bleacher seating is available.

Does the Fair offer group discounts to organizations?

Unfortunately the Fair does not offer group discounts.

Where can I find rules for the demolition derby and other competitions?

Please find all details and information regarding competition rules in our premium book, which is updated every year:

Are mobile scooters and/or wheel chairs available for rent while on the Fairgrounds?

Unfortunately, The Fair does not provide mobility scooters or wheelchair rentals.

The Big Butler Fair

Always Over the Fourth

June 28th - July 6th, 2019

Big Butler Fair
1127 New Castle Road
Prospect, PA 16052

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