UPDATE: The Board of Directors are happy to announce that the 2021 Big Butler Fair is a GO!

The Big Butler Fair

Always Over the Fourth

July 2 - July 10, 2021

Kids 6 and Under Free

The Clarks

Friday, July 2, 2021 - 8:00pm

The Rock Station Rock Done Right Tour

Big Butler Fair | The Rock Station

The Clarks

Come down to the Big Butler Fair for a FREE premier special concert featuring The Clarks. Come early to enjoy the fair and to get the best seats.

The Clarks... You know them, you love them. The Clarks are a homegrown Pittsburgh rock band who have stayed together for 20+ years. The Clarks, made up of Scott Blasey, Rob James, Greg Joseph and Dave Minarik, have achieved superstardom both locally and on the national stage.

With such a longstanding history of musical success, it’s hard to believe that The Clarks began as a college band playing at frat parties in the 80s. They initially began by covering such influential artists as U2 and The Long Ryders, but before long began penning and performing original songs.

The Clarks signed with King Mouse records and released their debut album, I’ll Tell You What Man…, in 1988. The album was a hit, making the single, “Help Me Out” a much-played radio tune. Since then, the band has changed record labels a few times (MCA, Razor & Tie, High Wire Music and Clarkhouse Entertainment) and released eight more studio albums (The Clarks—1991, Love Gone Sour, Suspicion, and Bad Debt—1994, Someday Maybe—1996, Let It Go—2000, Another Happy Ending—2002, Fast Moving Cars—2004, Restless Days—2009 and Feathers & Bones—2014) as well as live albums, compilations and EPs. Their biggest hits to date are “Penny on the Floor” and “Cigarette,” which are popular on local radio.

In addition to making the music they love, The Clarks have been fortunate to have some truly awesome opportunities. They’ve performed with John Mayer, OAR, Steely Dan and Three Doors Down and the band’s songs have been featured in Summer Catch and the Anna Nicole Smith Show as well as a Toyota ad campaign. The Clarks also chatted it up with David Letterman and headlined the first intermission at the 2011 NHL Winter Classic.

The Clarks Website

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