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July 3rd - July 11th, 2015

Fair Queen Pageant

The Big Butler Fair board is currently accepting entry forms for the Butler Fair Queen contest. The Butler Fair Queen contest is for females between the ages of 16 and 20 years who are residents of Butler County. Each year the Fair Queen winner serves as a community ambassador for the Big Butler Fair for the coming year.

The contest consists of 4 segments with each segment counting towards points:

  1. Personal Interview
    Each contestant will meet privately with a panel of three judges. The interview is judged on conversational ability, the answers to a variety of questions, appearance / poise, activities and knowledge of the Big Butler Fair. (40 points)
  2. Evening Gown / Introduction
    This segment is conducted in front of guests and three judges. Each contestant will walk on stage and introduce herself to the audience. This introduction should be similar to that which a Fair Queen would give when visiting a fair or other public event. (Must be under 1 minute). This event is judged on content, stage presence and appearance. (20 points).
  3. Speech Presentation
    This is a persuasive speech on the topic "Why you should come to my fair". A 3-5 minutes (timed) oral presentation is given in front of the audience. This speech should include daily and featured events, agricultural exhibits and how our fair impacts our community. It is judged on content, persuasive quality, speaking ability and poise / presence. (30 points)
  4. Impromptu Question
    Each contestant will be required to answer the same impromptu question in front of the judges and audience (10 points)

Butler Fair Queen Contest Rules

Contestants Must:

  1. Reside in Butler County or be a current fair exhibitor.
  2. Be between 16 and not older than 20 by June 1.
  3. Never been a local or state fair queen.
  4. Have parental or guardian consent.
  5. Be single, never married, have had no children and remain so during her reign.
  6. Be available to participate in events during 9 days of the Fair.
  7. Attend the state competition in Hershey, PA in January.
  8. Agree to promote the Big Butler Fair in a positive manner, before, during and after fair week.
  9. Be available for publicity, before, during, and after the fair (via TV, newspaper, radio and public appearances).

Dates to Remember

Informational Meeting - Sunday, May 18th at 4:00pm - Mandatory Attendance

An informational gathering session at which a light meal will be served. Along with a general discussion and question & answer session, topics discussed will include responsibilities of the Butler Fair Queen and how to fill out the application form. A parent or guardian is requested to attend with the contestant.

Held at the Fair Boardroom located next to the grandstand.

Please RSVP: Contact Judy Kennedy at JCKL22 @ or 724-625-1977

Application Due - June 1st 2014

Completed Pageant application forms are due to the Big Butler Fair office by June 1st. Typed applications only. Please see below for the application form as well as the fair office address.

Pageant - Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 - 7:00pm at Atrium

The Butler Fair Queen Pageant will be held at the Atrium, next to Garden Gate on Rt 422, east of the Butler Fairgrounds. The pageant is open to the public. Dress rehearsal is the day before (Monday) and is manditory.

Pageant Entry Instructions

If you would like to enter into the The Butler Fair Queen contest download and complete the Butler Fair Queen Application Form which is located below. Once complete, email or mail the form according the the information listed. If you have additional questions, please call Judy Kennedy at 724-625-1977.

2014 Butler Fair Queen

Big Butler Fair | 2014 Butler Fair Queen

Congratulations to the 2014 Butler Fair Queen Julie Worst and the Butler Fair Court.

Questions and More Information:

Judy Kennedy

Email Applications to:

JCKL22 @

Send Applications via the mail to:

Big Butler Fair Office Attention:
Judy Kennedy
P.O. Box 517
Prospect, PA 16052

Application Form:

Butler Fair Queen Application Form (Typed applications only please)

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