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TICKETS: The Fair gates are cash only. Buy tickets on your phone with credit card here.

Fair Food

Fair Food

French fries, hot dogs and ice cream—oh my! One of the best parts about a fair is the food, and we’ve got a variety that you’re sure to enjoy. Whether you’re craving sweet or salty, American or exotic, there’s something for every palette. Enjoy a cool glass of lemonade in the sun or indulge in funnel cake beneath the fireworks. Our vendors will prepare your favorites fresh to order, guaranteed.


It all starts with a squeeze of lemon. Who doesn’t love ice cold lemonade on a hot day? The balance of sweet and sour creates the perfect refreshing beverage. We fresh squeeze this lemony concoction into each huge cup to provide a handcrafted beverage for every thirsty fairgoer at our booths. You even get a novelty cup to take home!


Jy-roh or hee-roh? No matter how you pronounce it, a gyro adds up to one thing: pure tastiness.  Slow-cooked & thinly-shaved lamb, plus your favorite sandwich toppings like lettuce, tomato and Tzatziki on a cool pita are heavenly to bite into between all of the festivities. Try one—you know you want to!

Funnel Cake

Who wants funnel cake? If you’re thinking, “Me! I do!” then boy do we have a treat for you! We deep fry our large funnel cakes and serve ‘em up any way you can think of. Are you a traditionalist? Better stick with classic powdered sugar. A rebel? We’ll load you up with strawberries and whipped cream! However you like it best, funnel cake is simply the perfect dessert to enjoy at the Big Butler Fair!

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