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TICKETS: The Fair gates are cash only. Buy tickets on your phone with credit card here.

Year-Round Events

Big Butler Parts-A-Rama

June 17th, 18th, & 19th, 2022

Big Butler Fair Harness Racing

June 28th & June 29th, 2022

Big Butler Fair

July 1st – July 9th, 2022

PAHA Horse Show

July 16th – July 17th, 2022

PAHA Horse Show

July 30th – July 31st, 2022

PAHA Horse Show

August 6th – August 7th, 2022

PAHA Horse Show

August 13th – August 14th, 2022

Three Rivers Van (Van Show)

September 1st – September 5th, 2022

PAHA Horse Show

September 3rd – September 4th, 2022

September 9th – September 11th, 2022

For more information on the Big Butler Fair Year-Round Events, please call Gavon Slater at 724-306-1060.

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The Big Butler Fair
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