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TICKETS: The Fair gates are cash only. Buy tickets on your phone with credit card here.

The fairgrounds have paved roads. Gravel is used extensively. Proper drainage has also been installed over the years. Every effort is made to ensure an enjoyable experience for folks coming for events, concerts, rides, and games. There are areas of thick grass that can become wet. We recommend cowboy boots, regardless of the weather.

The Big Butler Fair does everything possible to remain open with all events running on schedule. The Fair remains open during storms. If a storm comes through, carnival rides and games close temporarily and reopen as soon as the storm passes. Scheduled events may be temporarily postponed due to rain. Events are only canceled in extreme circumstances.

Yes. You are permitted to bring an umbrella onto the fairgrounds during the Fair.

If it’s raining at the time of a Grandstand event, the event is delayed until the rain ends, like a rain delay in baseball. Please know that Grandstand Event cancellations are usually a “game-time” decision. We try and do everything we can to get the event in for the evening.

In the unlikely event of a “rain-out,” no refunds for gate admission will be given.

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